The Adelaide University Engineering Society

As the most pro-fun club on campus, the AUES serves both engineering and non-engineering students by offering educational services as well as awesome social gatherings!
Founded in 1937.

The Adelaide University Engineering Society (AUES) is the largest (non-compulsory) club based on the North Terrace campus, encompassing an always growing member base of over 5000. While the AUES houses a diverse group of staff and students from across all academic disciplines, its primary constituents are those students undertaking degrees in the Faculty of Engineering, Computer & Mathematical Sciences (ECMS).

The primary goal of the AUES is to provide benefits such as academic and social events for our members in a pro-fun atmosphere. The society achieves this through its strong and passionate committee and the relationships it possesses with a variety of organisations such as the Adelaide University Union, Clubs Association, the Faculty of ECMS, and Engineers Australia.

Meet the Team

The awesome team of 2018!

Adam Watts


Doug Radford

Vice President

Aiden Sullivan


Nuala O'Neill

Senior Advisor

Hannah Andrews


Matthew Phillips

Equity Officer

Kalvin Li

IT Officer

Adam Cameron

Pub Crawl Coordinator

Elyse Bosch

Sponsorship Officer

Nick Wynd

Sponsorship Officer

Victoria Myers

Publicity Officer

Matthew Micale

Publicity Officer

Sid Narayan

General Committee

Liam Halford

General Committee

Thomas Lawler

General Committee

Peter Conway

General Committee

Steven Moubarak

General Committee

Phillip Moxham

General Committee

Ben Disher

General Committee

Nick Adams

General Committee


Who we love working with,
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